Conversions and Setup

Xero Conversions

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘buyer beware’ and when it comes to accounting software, things are no different.

Accounting software like Xero is easy enough for the average person to learn and use. Its simplicity does an amazing job of disguising the complex and intricate accounting operations going on ‘in the background’ of the system. It is so extraordinary that it can feel like just a fun computer game without any ‘background’ computing going on at all. But there is plenty happening out of sight; the system is busy calculating stuff like Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income, Expenses and of course, taxes. Pretty important stuff and every time that you click ‘ok’ that simple little mouse-click is altering at least two or more of these.

So how do you know? How can you pick a conversion expert from a dud? Here’s two questions that you can ask right now that might save you a fortune down the track.

  • What accounting qualifications do you have?
  • What Xero Certifications do you have?

Xero is accounting software, not a computer game, so we think these are reasonable and relevant questions to be asking.

A genuine operator won’t be offended by these two questions and would be more than happy to show you perhaps a Certificate IV in Accounting or a Certificate IV in Bookkeeping. In case you don’t know, these Certificate IV’s are nationally recognised qualifications. On the Xero side, find out if your expert is a Xero Partner, Xero Certified Advisor and Xero Payroll Specialist.

At Escape Bookkeeping we’re very proud of the time and effort that we have put into achieving all of these qualifications and certifications and happily flash our certificates around for all to see. Want more? You can look at our Professional Indemnity Insurance policy schedule as well.

Xero Setup

Most of the accounting software systems on the market contain a setup ‘wizard’ and start you off with a generic accounting file. Easy enough, and that’s how the marketers want it!

The downside of a generic file is that it your business is not generic, it is unique! The generic file does not set itself to the intricacies of your business so it needs to be amended, adjusted and tweaked. That’s best done by a professional. If not, you could end up with systemic accounting errors that can go on for years undetected. Remember, most accountants do not have the time to examine your every detail of your accounts at a micro level…and if they did have the time, we think that would cost you an awful lot of money. A poor or inadequate setup could also cost you a lot of time along the way, especially as you learn more about the system over time then have to go back and change things.

We set up your customised Xero file correctly right from the start. We use our secret bag of tricks to tweak your file precisely to your business specs to help make sure you make the most out of the software’s amazing features. Just as importantly, we talk with our clients accountants to keep things running smoothly.